Session Two - Part One

The Unnamed Cavern of the Eastern Shore

Araevin’s Log
March 20th, 2016
Day Two, daylight

We awake reluctantly in our beds at the tattered Inn. The sobs and cries of the townsfolk drift in through the broken balcony window as they sift through the rubble and ruin of last night’s raid. Many were made a widow last night, and though the dawn is bright, the day is dark. Nothing is said as the five of us gather our supplies; we all knew our adventure was just beginning. As we walk out into the daylight, the sights were even more dismal than the sounds that awoke us. Rotting entrails and snapped bones litter the streets. Broken furniture, shattered pottery, and soiled clothes are strewn about the bloodstained dirt. The town is eerily quiet. Were so many lost? A dull roar coming from the docks in the North answers my question. As we near the docks, we see what is remaining of the townsfolk in an uproar. Men and women alike are shouting, weapons drawn. Guards are struggling to maintain order in the chaos. All is centered on a single man, a bandit, bound by the wrists and standing up on the waterlogged planks of the main dock. The town’s mayor, guard’s at side, pleads that everyone remain calm, but the crowd is growing more restless by the minute. “Kill that scum!” booms a voice over the angry mob. "String him up!” Rightly so the people call for his execution, but we need information. The bandit must know who’s behind the disturbance in the eastern caves. Keira attempts to muscle her way through the crowd, but even she could not break through the sea of anger and fear that drove them. When brute force fails, Fae Ora seeks to use her stealth to gain access to the prisoner. She swims beneath the dock and scales one of the posts. The guards, however, are vigilant and quickly stifle her attempt, pushing her off the dock and back into the water. It was then, in the shuffle, that one of the woodcutters made it onto the dock, axe in hand. The burly man shouts, “This is for my brother!” Before anyone can react, he raises the blade high over his head and brings it swiftly down, splitting the bandit’s skull. Seeing this, the mob breaks into a riot. We have to get out of here. Luckily Itab is two steps ahead of us. Fearing our attempts at interrogating the prisoner were futile, he commandeered a small vessel to escape the chaos and cross the bay towards the cave.

The eastern shoreline is rough with jagged rock and steep cliffs. As we near the cave, we see a small hooded figure standing in front of a man and two skeletons; bandits from the raid the night before. Suddenly, the hooded figure makes a gesture with his hands and several rocks shoot out of the mouth of the cave and strike the 3 figures standing before him, knocking them lifelessly to the ground. The strange figure heaves backwards as if he is cackling, then retreats into the darkness of the cave. Not wanting to waste any more time, the four of us quickly scale the cliffs and enter the Unnamed Cavern.

The inside of the cave is cool and dark. The shadows dance on the walls, as if they were alive. Movements can be seen everywhere, yet nowhere. The eerie silence is broken only by cries of pain echoing from deep within. As we search the outer depths of the cavern we find countless vials of a strange green liquid, but little else. As we move deeper the cries get louder, but that is not the only thing we can hear. Scraping and slithering sounds echo from out of the walls. The movement is undeniable now; something is watching us. We have barely enough time to draw our weapons before we are outnumbered by small, reptilian-like figures. Despite their diminutive stature, their numbers prove to be no small match for our team. Fae and I fall. I’m unconscious, but Fae clings to life by a thread. These small creatures prove mighty in number, but are no match for Keira’s mighty sword. With Itab fighting by her side, the two finish of the remainder of the ambush and drag Fae and I to safety outside the cave. Once outside, Itab and Keira quickly construct a blind below the cliffs to give us cover while we rest and heal our wounds.



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